Welcome to VowelVotes.com! This site allows you to try alternate voting methods. Get to know the candidates, register to vote, and comment on which voting methods you prefer over the current method most governments currently use.


As proponents of civic innovation, we are starting from the ground up. Voting is the most basic process and foundation of democratic institutions and of the republic. We are on a mission to allow governments starting at the municipal, district, county, and up to the state level to experiment with different voting methods. The founding fathers did not specify the way America should vote because a few of these methods were researched and advocated for during the time of the founding of America. Other methods have been developed since then over nearly two and a half centuries. A few have been developed within the last few decades.


How much has innovation, technology, and an improved lifestyle affected most every industry since the industrial revolution really geared up around the time of the Civil War? We have so many wonderful creations and gadgets thanks to modernity. However, we are still using many of the same processes of governance since the Revolutionary War over two hundred years ago.

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Without knowledge of these method; politicians, citizens, and voters are going to be unwilling to experiment with innovations in voting. This site was developed to allow everyone to try out different voting methods and become proponents of civic innovation in their local communities. So, register to vote by clicking the link to experiment and comment about a few of the different voting methods available. Let us know what you think and contact us if you have questions about the bedrock of democracy: voting!