The Vowel Votes Candidates all hope to be winners in each alternate voting ballot.

Learning how to read the ballots is vital to the success of all alphabets.

Candidate A

Candidate A is very proud of being the alpha vowel. The candidate has also taken positions on many issues attempting to coalesce disparate groups around his candidacy. He’s for acute angled corners, two end points, and a hole created by a fine line in the middle. His slogan is “A #1 choice!”

Candidate E

Candidate E is a very hard right-cornered candidate. He faces to the right with three end points. Candidate E proudly stands firm on the issue of a line in the middle, a stance he shares with Candidate A. His slogan is “Always facing right.”

Candidate I

Candidate I is believed to have the slimmest probability in this race. However, she has a personal relationship with the average voter. Her slogan is “I like I.” Her greatest issue is being a single mark with two opposing endpoints. She takes a hardline stance against corners or curves of any kind.

Candidate O

Candidate O has the longest tenure of any candidate in the race. She keeps coming around every election year. Candidate O takes a stand on the unusual issue of having no endpoints. She does join Candidate A with having a hole but would never admit it’s bigger than A’s. Candidate O joins U & I being against corners. Her favorite campaign stop is eating pi every election year at the state fair. Her slogan is “Come around to vote for O.”

Candidate U

Candidate U is looking to bend the rules a little bit. Many don’t see her differentiating herself enough, though. Candidate U has stances along with I and O regarding curves without corners, and she joins A & I in having two end points. Her slogan is “U, two points up!”

Candidate Y

Candidate Y is the ultimate outsider candidate. Many believe he should not be in the race because only sometimes is the candidate a real vowel. Candidate Y proudly sports corners of acute angles. He joins candidate E in having three endpoints as well while being a maverick having his endpoints not facing the same direction. His slogan is “Y not?”